The coach’s role is to help its client identify his or her own solutions and ways of action related to the matter at hand. The coachees learn through their own experience and creativity and not by tapping the knowledge of the coach. The coach creates the environment in which the client will candidly and openly explore his or her own potential.

The mentor guides the mentee in his or her professional development using his own expertise and background. Thus, mentoring can be assimilated to a process of training on the job.

The consultant has the role of an expert in the subject at hand and his responsibility is to find the best option from a technical point of view. With consultancy, the client input is reduced and the experts’ opinion comes first.

Coaching – if you wish to personally and professionally grow by tapping your own potential.

Mentoring – if you wish to develop technical abilities and competencies.

Consulting – if you need the opinion of an expert in a specific business matter.

Both coaching and mentoring sessions are 1 hour long and the meetings are one-on-one.

The number of sessions is set depending on the need and availability of the coachee/mentee.

The goal of any coach/mentor is to have clients that reach the point of taking independent action and, as such, his services are no longer needed. When the client develops his own method and capacity to self-coach, the process can be closed.

The length of a consulting project is defined depending on its objective.

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