The success of a business is not accidental.

In order to get from vision to a successful business you need planning, to know where you are heading, but, most importantly, know how to get there.

Strategy development is the stage where support from a consultant can bring a different perspective concerning the opportunities, doubled by a professional analysis of the market.

Next, in the strategical planning stage, a consultant helps develop the action plan based on which the strategy will be implemented.

You started with a brilliant idea and you grew your business through your own efforts. The moment has come for you to step up to the next level and transform your business in an organization that runs based on professional management systems.

You need someone who will guide you, offer you a confirmation or a validation of your plans to continue growing the success story of the business in which you poured part of your soul, ideas and your time. And who will offer you specific methods and instruments for professional management.

For my consultancy projects I use the OPAC four axes methodology.

Starting from the professional analysis of the business environment, both external and internal, I will help you identify development oportunities and set strategic targets for your business – vision, mision, goals, operational and tactical objectives.

Based on these, I will advice you in developing the action plan on the four axes of consulting: objectives, processes, employees, organizational climate.

Thus, your business idea evolves into a coherent strategy for approaching opportunities and your business will operate on the basis of a concrete action plan, high-performance management mechanisms and systems for keeping track of results.


Coherent strategy, adapted to market opportunities and strategic development objectives.

Business organized based on professional management mechanisms.

Professional performance management systems.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin