Business Coaching

Business Management & Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Success is not a matter of chance.

Successful people understand that success is built by following a series of clear action steps, while measuring progress and celebrating intermediary milestones.

As such, they invest both in personal development and in the growth of the company and its leaders.

Leaders are visionaries.

Through coaching, I help them stay focused on the actions that take them closer to their vision.

Using my business background and my competencies as a coach, I will guide you to identify the real objectives for your business and for yourself and to develop your action plan.

I will help you stay focused on the final result and I will give you the support you need both for meeting your business objectives and for maximizing your potential and that of your team.

I will guide you navigate the multitude of challenges: developing your strategy and business plan in line with your vision, identifying the necessary resources and support, but also the growth of your leadership and business development abilities in order to convert your idea into a successful business.

I will support you to achieve your goals by organizing your team and managing the performance of each team member.

I will steer your efforts in finding new ways to develop a strong business, to achieve sales and profit growth, to close new partnerships and create a solid system to sustain business development, the team and not lastly, your growth as a professional and as a leader.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leadership is a choice, a philosophy of life.

Authentic leadership will enable you to build a culture of trust and loyalty, to create a lasting impact on those around you and to live a balanced life, in line with your own values and principles of life.

All this while mastering day-to-day business and train, in turn, other leaders.

Being a leader is a way of life, a vocation, an assumed role.

I will facilitate the development of your authentic leadership abilities so you and your team can reach the highest level of success.

I will help you define your personal values, understand the motivation behind your actions and define your leadership style. I will assist you to accelerate your performance and the performance of your team.

I will guide you in identifying your personal and professional objectives and in developing your management and leadership abilities. In creating a team of professionals and in teaching them how to work together, in growing the responsibility and autonomy of each team member, in focusing on the company’s priorities and in reaching your objectives fast. You will thus increase the value you bring to your company and your achievements will be acknowledged.

I will be there for you, during the process of becoming aware of yourself and the different aspects of your leadership style. I will challenge you to explore this from different perspectives and I will support you in becoming the leader that you know you can be and you know you want to become.


Discover who you are, what is important for you and where you are heading, where your business is heading.

Increase the performance of both yourself and your team, increase productivity, develop strategies tailored to your own style.

Discover your own leadership style and ability to inspire teams, understand what really motivates people, you inspire and motivate by doing what you do best.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

– Timothy Gallwey