I love people and spring and life.

But most of all, I love people. And I strongly believe that every person has the power go beyond his own limits.

I dream to a world where all managers are genuine leaders so that all people feel inspired and empowered on their way to success.

I want to help the people I interact with to find the power to make their dreams come true and to be successful in all their endeavors.

I am a certified coach and trainer.

I see coaching as the most powerful instrument for personal, professional and organizational development. Because through coaching we can activate free will and thus we become more engaged in achieving our goals. What can it be more powerful that one’s own will to complete any action?

After 20 years of management, during which my greatest professional satisfaction was to have contributed to the training of many professionals, I have decided to put my skills, experience and expertise in the service of managers who want to increase their performance through personal and professional development.

Working in sales, any project won and implemented meant a small victory. The entrepreneurial approach and the ambitious targets that I have set for myself led to business growth within very short time intervals.

However, it is hard for me to remember exact figures or specific projects. Because what really motivated me and brought me the most joy were the people I worked with and not the numbers.

Objectives and rewards are important. Turnover, profit, the financial health of the company, are important of course. But experience has taught me that all these are the effect and not the cause for which people choose to be dedicated to a job.

The leader is the one who makes the difference. Its vision, integrity, transparency, values, principles and abilities to grow people are what makes the difference.

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work with extraordinary people. Intelligent people, eager to learn and grow, both professionally and personally.

People in which I invested my abilities, energy and soul and which, in their turn, rewarded me tenfold by bringing me the greatest satisfactions and allowed me to grow with them.

To be a witness of their growth, knowing that even a small part of what they have become is coming from me, made me feel fulfilled and inspired me to keep walking down this path.

That’s why I take on the mission to accompany those who want to make the journey from manager to authentic leader, by committing both the knowledge and experience gained, as well as my skills as a coach, mentor and business consultant.

A true gold mine is hidden in each of us and I choose to be the seeker.

Because I love people.


I do what I say I do. I act correctly and ethically. I can look into my eyes in the mirror


What you see is what you get. I say what I think, don’t try to look anything other than what I am and I admit when I don’t know or when I’m wrong


I put energy and dedication into the projects I choose to get involved in and that’s the only way I can perform


I set high goals and do everything I can to overcome them, I compare myself to who I was yesterday and I strive to always get better at what I do. I am constantly learning and developing, as a person and as a professional.